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Uniform Policy

Sand Creek International is a uniform school because uniforms have been shown to increase academic success, improve self-confidence, and make visitors easier to identify. It is our goal to take the focus off of clothing and remove distractions from the learning environment. Parents are encouraged to contact the school prior to purchasing uniforms if they have questions or are uncertain about what to purchase.

Uniform Requirements:

Shirts - Must be solid Blue, Grey, White, or Black ONLY: T-shirts, collared/polo, long sleeves, sweatshirts, or hoodies.

Bottoms - Must be solid Blue, Khaki, Grey, or Black ONLY: Dress pants/regular slacks, joggers, cargo pants, skirts, shorts, and dresses (all must be fingertip length or longer) must not be denim, skinny, stretchy, jeggings, or spandex. No jean-type pants or tight pants allowed.

Uniforms with handwriting on them are not allowed to be worn.

Shoes - tennis shoes, dress shoes, and sandals (must cover toes and have a back) are allowed. No flip-flops, slippers, slides, or beach sandals are allowed.

Hats can be worn indoors, however, they must be Blue, Grey, Black, or White. The only logo on any hat worn in school must be the Sand Creek logo.

Coats/Jackets/Hoodies - Only school colors (Blue, Black, White, or Grey).

When students earn an Out of Uniform Pass, they must follow these expectations: pants/jeans without holes or rips, appropriate length shirts and skirts/dresses, clothes without obscene or vulgar language, and clothing that would not be a distraction to learning. Leggings are only allowed on Out of Uniform Days if the shirt or dress reaches mid-thigh length.

Uniform Infractions:

When students are out of uniform, parents will be notified via handwritten communication or a phone call. Students will have an opportunity to correct the uniform infraction. We have extra uniforms that students will have to change into if they are out of uniform. If the problem persists, parents will be required to bring appropriate uniform clothes to school. The decision of the school is final in regard to whether students are dressed in accordance with school policy.